Plage de l'Est

Landscape Architecture Competition

January 20, 2014
SWIMMING ZONE - Protected space for swimmers

Ruccolo + Faubert Architectes & Ni conception architecture de paysage


Ruccolo + Faubert Architectes & Ni conception architecture de paysage wins the design competition for the Plage de l’Est.

The jury, which included experts as well as citizen representatives, chose a concept that combines universal accessibility, sustainable development, and well-being, all while providing a special connection between visitors and the St. Lawrence River.

The key element of the concept is a boardwalk integrated into the landscape that begins right at the entrance to the beach site and connects various levels with distinct uses: games, universal traffic, the beach and water-based recreation. The boardwalk, with the roof of a service building integrated into its centre, hugs the contours of the site and culminates in an observation point with an unparalleled view of the river.

In both summer and winter, the building at the centre of the boardwalk will be a venue par excellence for meetings, leisure and services. The concept calls for a water play area adjacent to the building. This sizable surface with an area of more than 200 m2 will feature a permanent stream of water flowing onto sculpted stones, and will become a skating rink in the winter months. Farther back on the site are a pair of courts designed for beach volleyball or badminton, and which will be adaptable to new needs that may emerge in years to come.

The budget for the project includes some $3 million for the work, which will begin in 2014 and be completed sometime in 2016. The Plage de l’Est is one of the first actions stemming from the Plan bleu vert adopted by Rivière-des-Prairies–Pointe-aux-Trembles Borough council in May 2013.

Download the project's boards