The Knife Reinvented

Maison Milan
The Knife Reinvented
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Chifen Cheng and Tony Gaudette

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Tony Gaudette
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Showing audacity and achieving timelessness. That's the ideal Tony Gaudette strives for. Renamed Maison Milan in 2017, the company he founded in 2011 crafts kitchenware that aims at nothing less than reinventing the everyday objects we use to prepare and serve our food. Manufactured from noble materials, distributed all over the world, they summon the user to uncommon sensory experiences.

Case in point: this reinvented knife, Japan-inspired, with a wooden blade, that can slice vegetables and serve as a spatula as well, while the butt of the handle does double duty as a mortar for grinding. Or this trivet with a truly unique shape. Or these coasters, carved from solid walnut, that will have you clinking glasses, the better to admire what's underneath.

Materials: cast iron (handle), walnut (blade)
Made in: Montréal
Overall dimensions: 11 × 17 × 2.5 cm
Designers: Chifen Cheng and Tony Gaudette

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