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Carte postale cartographique
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Olivier Gratton-Gagné

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Olivier Gratton-Gagné

iLikeMaps has plans for Montréal, and wants the world to know its streets and byways. Montrealer Olivier Gratton-Gagné, its founder, is an artist and cartographer who uses geographic data from OpenStreetMap to create a variety of decorative items, including postcards highlighting the unique topography of the city's central neighbourhoods and circular screen prints of its road and rail networks. Lately, he's widened his territory to include the great cities of the world, and his enthusiastic fans are following directions.

As a souvenir gift to visitors, he offers a postcard depicting a map of the Island of Montréal, a superb print, and a tote bag, each simple and colourful.

Material: coated paper
Made in: Montréal
Overall dimensions: 15 × 10 cm

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