Jacquard Knit Tuque and Cashmere Recycled Tuque

Harricana par Mariouche
Tuque tricot Jacquard
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Mariouche Gagné

Her career has been nothing short of impressive, including an internship in a Danish fur company, studies in Milan, several collaborations including a prestigious partnership with skiwear manufacturer Rossignol, sales in 15 European countries...

Since founding Harricana in 1994, Mariouche has upcycled thousands of coats, giving their fur, silk and cashmere materials a second life as luxe apparel and accessories.

They range from keychains in assorted furs to a pair of comfy tuques that blend silver fox and coyote with wool and cashmere, to a braided scarf fashioned from wool and coyote fur, to a fun craft-your-own-pompom kit—fur real!

Materials: 50% merino, 50% acrylic, recycled silver fox fur (Jacquard knit tuque) / recycled cashmere, recycled silver fox fur (Cashmere recycled tuque)
Made in: Montréal

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