A+B+C+D Trivets

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A+B+C+D Trivets — Black
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Anne Thomas, Léah Bellefleur Gauthier and Monica Gauthier

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Anne Thomas
514 935-4724 ext. 29

When she was little, Anne Thomas loved to play storekeeper, selling the things she made. When she grew up, she started a graphic design and branding studio (which she still manages almost 30 years later), and launched TOMA objects in 2006. Having produced myriad practical everyday items, she extended her practice to custom design of corporate gifts, to suit the needs of museums, institutions and companies, with rigour, wit and wisdom.

Her classic curvilinear trivets in wood or cork are now joined by beer glasses and steins for hockey fans (and others with the theme "Mon quartier" (my neighbourhood)), travel bags with a colourful vocabulary (Landromat, Souliers, Dépanneur, Chariot or Gouttes), eyeglass cleaning cloths, and coasters representing selected slices of Montréal.

Material: birch plywood, cut
Made in: Laval and Montréal
Overall dimensions: 125.5 × 25.5 × 2.5 cm (A, B, C, natural or black) / 35.5 × 25.5 × 2.5 cm (D, natural or black)
Suggested retail price: $24 (A, B, C, wood) / $26 (A, B, C, black) / $40 (D, natural wood) / $44 (D, wood with black finish)

Please contact the designer-producers directly for any questions regarding wholesale pricing, customization options and delivery times.