Movable Street Furniture Elements for Festivals

Design Competition

October 19, 2009
Boards (detail)

The concept submitted by Morelli Designers and Signature Design Communication stood out from the other proposals, among other reasons for the ingenuity and effectiveness of the anchoring system and mounting brackets, and its modular system of nesting ballast blocks. The jury also remarked on the great flexibility of the various elements. "The concept is extremely simple from both the technical and visual standpoints," explained Mario Gagnon, President of the Association des designers industriels du Québec and the jury Chair. "The movable furniture elements can be quickly installed by the setup teams, and will help prevent deterioration of the festival sites. The proposal is discreet, and respects the architectural concept of Place du Quartier des spectacles."

The jury sought to underscore the innovative nature of the concept submitted by NIP paysage by awarding the firm an honourable mention. Jury members were impressed by its playful character and the poetic aspects of its image.

Download the project's boards