Le taxi prend ses aires!

Ideas Competition

October 18, 2010
Louis Gagnon-Séguin and Bhavesh Mistry

Louis Gagnon-Séguin and Bhavesh Mistry


Grand Prix du jury : Moai Statues

The jury noted the great refinement and simplicity in the Moai Statues proposal by Louis Gagnon-Séguin and Bhavesh Mistry, with its various elements that allow for harmonious integration with the city, regardless of a taxi stand's scale, while bringing out the new taxis signature and logo. The sculptural character and subtlety in the surface play of the monolithic pillars are perfectly in accordance with the formal language of the benches and other elements. The concept's universality, the fixture's fine details and the parentheses demarcating the zones at ground level are among the aspects that pleased the jury. "The intelligent and skilful use of light helps maximize visibility and confers an agreeable presence on the benches, which seem to come alive on the spot," stated jury Chair Patrick Messier, an industrial designer with Messier Designers Inc.

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