Montréal’s Parcours entrepreneuriaux: developing your business skills together

October 8, 2019

The Bureau du design team’s colleagues at the Ville de Montréal’s Economic Development department make expert assistance available to you via a number of entrepreneurship programs called parcours. The coaching provided helps professionals like you as well as Montréal companies from all business ecosystems perfect their skills and achieve various growth objectives. For members of the Montréal design and architecture community, these programs are the perfect opportunities to develop business skills with support from experts in various fields.

Three of the parcours are currently recruiting companies: Cabinet Créatif, Parcours Innovation, and Aplomb MTL. Why not take a look at the eligibility criteria for each, choose the one that best fits your needs and profile, and submit your application before the deadline!

Cabinet Créatif: propelling entrepreneurship for creative companies

Deadline: October 25

This program provides coaching worth over $20,000 specific to the reality of your cultural/creative company. The goal is to help you develop new markets and partnerships internationally. Our experts will assist you in targeting the right market, mapping out your strategy, planning rollout, and tracking your results.

Capacity: 20 companies selected and coached
Duration: 12 months
Cost: $750
View the eligibility criteria (in French)

Parcours Innovation: power your business growth

Deadline: November 15

This entrepreneurship program offers some 15 training modules, an expert ecosystem, personalized coaching, participation in C2.MTL, and many more benefits. The goal is simple: give architects and designers better tools to meet the challenges of innovation and growth.

Capacity: 40 companies selected and coached
Duration: 12 months
Cost: $1,500
View the eligibility criteria (in French)

Aplomb MTL: go international with your high-potential business

Deadline: November 21

Designed for businesses with high growth potential, Aplomb MTL helps you develop new markets internationally. This program will assist you in creating an action plan, provide supervision and guidance from a network of renowned experts and, among other things, enable you to benefit from enhanced media visibility. 

Capacity: 20 companies selected and coached
Duration: 18 months
Cost: $7,000
View the eligibility criteria (in French)

What are the parcours entrepreneuriaux

The parcours are adapted programs lasting from 12 to 18 months that set up relationships between professionals in diverse industries segments. Led by Ville de Montréal experts, the programs offer advice, training, coaching, and other tools to help you implement specific projects. At the end of the program, you will have developed a network of contacts across multiple industries and accelerated your growth projects with the help of experts.

Which parcours are available through the Ville de Montréal? 

The Service du développement économique, of which the Bureau du design is a part, makes a total of five parcours programs available to help entrepreneurs reach various growth objectives: