Marie Saint Pierre, winner of the Shanghai 2010 Competition

March 29, 2010

Uniforms by Marie Saint Pierre

Launched last December at the initiative of the Bureau de la mode de Montréal, Concours Shanghai 2010 was organized to select a Montréal-based designer to create uniforms for Espace Montréal's hosts and hostesses. The winning creation, by Marie Saint Pierre, is representative of Montréal's full range of innovative and creative potential.

Expo 2010 Shanghai: “Better City, Better Life”

Expo Shanghai will run from May 1 through October 31, 2010 under the theme of “Better City, Better Life.” This is the first time in 156 years that the “city” is the theme of a world fair and that cities themselves have been invited to participate in such an event. Montréal is one of 50 cities through the world selected to take part in Expo Shanghai and its site will be located within the “Best Urban Practices” sector. Montréal and Vancouver will be the only two North American cities represented in this vast event that is expected to host some 70 million visitors.

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Source: Montréal Fashion Bureau