LittleBits: An interactive store in New York City designed by Daily tous les jours

October 5, 2015

Create a retail experience with the accent on the imaginative, the innovative and the playful: that was the task assigned to Mouna Andraos and Melissa Mongiat of interaction-design studio Daily tous les jours, recipients of the Phyllis Lambert Grant in 2010, by littleBits Electronics, a New York City startup whose mission is to “democratize hardware.”

LittleBits are interchangeable electronic building blocks that anyone can use to create practical objects. The store is a creative space where everyone is invited to demystify, experiment with and embrace technology through a multitude of tools that enable them to tell stories and display innovation. Its concept is also revolutionary: after creating them, designers can take their inventions with them, or leave them for future visitors to “play” with.

The store is filled with machines, a giant musical Twister game, and inventions of all kinds that ensure a playful environment perfect for letting one’s creative juices flow. The interior décor was designed in collaboration with Guillaume Sasseville of Studio SSVLL, another past recipient of the Phyllis Lambert Grant (2011).

No doubt about it: our Phyllis Lambert Grant laureates are shining brightly wherever they go!

If you’re planning to be in New York City between now and December 31, 2015, remember this address: littleBits, 355 West Broadway.