Commerce Design Montréal : "Veni. Vidi. Vote!" weekend highlights

June 15, 2015

Memorable Encounters

The event, organized for the first time as part of the Commerce Design Montréal Awards, invited the public to take a guided tour of the 20 award-winning businesses and to meet the designers and owners behind the achievements. Thousands of Montrealers strolled the streets of Montréal, visiting one business after another as the day went on, wherever their inclinations took them.

For Réjean Laprise, owner of Le Balconier, investing in the design of his boutique and entrusting the work to Lafontaine Langford architectes was a strategic decision that continues to add value to his business. “My customers tell me that our boutique stands out from the others on Mont-Royal Avenue,” he says. “They’re attracted by the store’s interior. They’ve never seen a boutique like this anywhere else. They want to purchase all their balcony accessories here!”

Au Pain Doré also attracted a steady stream of visitors throughout the weekend. Christine Verneuil, director of operations for this chain of bakeshops, points out that several visitors came to talk with the architects of _naturehumaine and were interested in learning about the shop’s operations and products at the same time. “We wanted to create a festive mood for both the public and our employees, who were an integral part of the success of these two days,” she adds. “For us, Ville de Montréal’s desire to showcase our shop was a reward in itself.”