Art and Design Montreal Exhibition

August 26, 2009

Art & Design Montreal features an objective selection from creators in visual communications. One will find approximately fifteen photographers, graphic designers and illustrators that regularly give of their talent for the profit of commercial clients. Throughout their rising professional trajectory, they have demonstrated a certain maturity in their artistic work.

The exposition aims to bridge the gap between the establishment of artistic vocation and commercial practices while offering these imagery professionals the opportunity to expose their personal and professional works. These expositions, taking place three times a year, will also serve as an event to join graphic art, advertising and photography enthusiasts as well as visual arts aficionados of visual, in a relaxed atmosphere.

Exhibition date: September 11th 2009

List of Artists


Richard Bernardin
Christophe Colette
Jimmi Francoeur
Roger Proulx


Julien De Repentigny
123 Klan


Jason Cantoro
Mélanie Ballairgé
Francis Léveillé


Art & Design Montréal Team
Source: Art & Design Montréal

Art & Design Montreal Mission

Art & Design Montreal is a creator of occasions where creatives and clients gather. By virtue of their expositions and publications, Art & Design Montreal will contribute to the rise of montreal design as much on the local scene as the international. Art & Design Montreal is a triad of exhibition spaces: on the web, in print, and the physical space from photography, illustration and graphic design through fashion and industrial design, Art & Design Montreal concentrates on four points of view: personal work, commercial work, the relationship to the client and the creative dimension.