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École Saint-Isaac-Jogues, Montréal, 2021
  • AR Architecture
Yelle Maillé architects carries out multi-residential projects, most of which are certified LEED® Gold or Platinum, as well as an important institutional component, with a recognized expertise in health and education. The user’s well-being guides our reflection and our process is built upon listening and close collaboration with our client. This philosophy makes way for a building concept that is relevant, functional and eco-responsible. Our team offers a balance between experience and youth, where knowledge sharing holds an important place. As such, YMa maintains its values based on quality, rigour, creativity and innovation since its inception.
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  • Cecobois Excellence Award, Winner, Sustainable Development Category - Tod. Condos - Montréal, Canada
  • Cecobois Excellence Award, Finalist, Multiresidence Buildings Category - Tod. Condos - Montréal, Canada
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