MXMA architecture et design

Maison en Bois Massif, Prototype de maison prête à assembler, 2016
  • AR Architecture
  • IN Interior design
MXMA architecture & design is inspired by design (formely Open Form), imagination and what is possible to create. It is therefore natural for the architect, Maxime Moreau, and his team to think of built environment with ideas that awaken the curiosity and interest of people, regardless of the scale of the project. Through its creative process, MXMA leads us to explore new realities and discover spaces that we would never have considered before. By shaping our realities, MXMA creates personalized experiences for every individual for whom it designs, while participating in improved functional and aesthetic qualities of buildings.
Enterprise data
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Local business (Montréal, Québec, Canada): 
90 %
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10 %
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Location: Verdun