Escalier en Ductal®, Pavillon Arise, Ottawa, 2019
  • ID Industrial design
  • AP Landscape architecture
  • IN Interior design
  • OB Object design
  • UR Urban design
We are artisans of urban furniture and sustainable products in perennial concrete; We are keen on quality and have more than twelve years of know-how in concrete product design / mould design and manufacture of Ductal® fibre-reinforced concrete outdoor furniture. Ductal® is this ultra high performance mixture (bfup) with which we innovate in design and with which we shape the antics of the future! Concrete, build forever.
Latest awards


  • Grand Prix du Design, PID Agency, Gold Winner, Industrial Design / Architectural Product Category - Ductal® Stair
  • Grand Prix du Design, PID Agency, Silver Winner, Industrial Design / Sports & Lifestyle Equipment Category - Caïssa Chess Table
  • Grand Prix du Design, PID Agency, Bronze Winner, Industrial Design / Street Furniture Category - Hectare Planters
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