Julien Delannoy

Jardin Nocturne, Montréal, 2021
  • EV Event design
  • XP Experience design
  • EX Exhibition design
  • IN Interior design
  • UR Urban design
Interior designer for the past 17 years in Europe and Montréal, Julien Delannoy has his own practice since 2018. Oscillating between teaching at Université de Montréal and working on projects, his process has always been based on a collaborative transdisciplinary approach. He has worked on numerous large-scale projects as well as conferences and debates regarding the design industry and its role within our society. Winner of several prizes throughout his career, he bases his projects on two fundamental factors, the wellness of the end user and the minimal impact on the environment.
Latest awards


  • Grands Prix du Design, PID Agency, Winner, Offices from 5,000 to 20,000 sq. ft. Category - BDO National Office - Toronto, Canada (as an Employee at Lemay)
  • Stephen R. Kellert Biophilic Design Award, International Living Future Insitute and Biophilic Design Initiative, Winner, Interior and Renovation Projects Category - Le Phénix - Montréal, Canada (as an Employee at Lemay)
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Location: Le Plateau-Mont-Royal