HUMÀ design + architecture

SSENSE head office, Montreal, 2013
  • AR Architecture
  • GR Graphic design
  • AP Landscape architecture
  • IN Interior design
  • UR Urban design
HUMÀ advocates its president’s, Stéphanie Cardinal, vision to be immersed, before any interventions, in the dimension of the project’s space and in the socio-cultural and economic environment in order to be able to develop a position, an identity and uniqueness. The applications, the design and the shape will confirm the portrayed vision. HUMÀ distinguishes itself by its capacity to efficiently fit in a multidisciplinary team in addition to the management and coordination of all professionals and that while respecting the due dates.
Latest awards


  • Grands Prix du Design, agence PID, Prix Design événementiel et installation éphémère - Le Rocher très Percé - Humà Design + Architecture avec Vincent Lemay


  • Grands Prix du design, PID agency, Multidisciplinarity Award, Special award category - Mélanie X Victoria - Saint-Lambert, Quebec
  • Grands Prix du design, PID agency, Model Appartment or House and Sales Office Award - Tour des Canadiens 2 - Montreal
  • Grand Prix de l'Entrepreneur d'EY, Ernst and Young, Finalist for the Province of Québec


  • Médaille du Mérite, Ordre des architectes du Québec, Award honouring Aurèle Cardinal for his outstanding contribution to the rise of architecture
  • Global Excellence Awards, International Interior Design Association (IIDA), Winner, Corporate Space large category - SSENSE head office - Montreal
  • Concours Entrepreneurial, PME MTL, Finalist - National Bank - Montreal
Enterprise data
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Local business (Montreal, Quebec, Canada): 
80 %
Foreign business (international): 
20 %
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