BGLA Architecture et Design urbain

Pavillon des sciences - UQAT, Rouyn-Noranda, 2012
  • AR Architecture
  • UR Urban design
Established in Quebec City for 40 years and Montreal for nearly 20 years, BGLA’s work reflects an approach based on the subtle balance between the notions of space, sociability and the «design of daily life». For BGLA, each project is seen as a missing part in the completion of a larger project than the mandate itself. As such, the success of any architectural project is closely linked to the sense of belonging it provokes as well as the understanding of the place and the history it fosters. Each project is thus considered the culmination of a process in which the context – chiefly geographical, historical and social – is at the heart of the project’s programming and coming to life.
Enterprise data
Full-time employees: 
Local business (Montréal, Québec, Canada): 
65 %
Foreign business (international): 
35 %
In business since: 
Location: Ville-Marie