Translation_2, Saint-Michel Library, Montréal, 2017
  • DI Interactive design
  • EV Event design
  • XP Experience design
  • EX Exhibition design
  • SO Sound design
ATOMIC3 is a multimedia design studio that brings together designers from all backgrounds, to create unique immersive experiences where light, video, music, architecture, and new technologies plunge visitors into the heart of the story, and the heart of the work. Whether interactive or contemplative, ATOMIC3's creations transform the public space to reach out to people in their daily lives. The works invite them to open up to others, work together, and see their environment with new eyes. The founders' rich and diverse performing arts experience informs their approach, bringing original narrative and poetic dimensions to their work.
Latest awards


  • Grands Prix du Design, Agence PID, Prix Éclairage ex æquo - Translation_3 - Montréal, Canada


  • Concours pour la conception et la réalisation d’une œuvre d’art public pour la Jetée Alexandra dans le Port de Montréal, Bureau d'art public de la Ville de Montréal, Finaliste (en collaboration avec Nadia Myre)


  • Concours d'art public Faisceaux d’histoire pour le 375ème anniversaire de Montréal, Arrondissement de Villeray-Saint-Michel-Parc-Extension en collaboration avec le Bureau d'art public de la Ville de Montréal, Lauréat - Translation_1 - Montréal, Canada
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15 %
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