Place des Montréalaises

International Multidisciplinary Landscape Architecture Competition

September 6, 2018
View of square from walkway

Lemay + Angela Silver + SNC-Lavalin
Montréal, Canada


La place des Montréalaises

“Two radically different topographies come together at a point of convergence. The concept is rooted in the definitive sense of motion created by an inclined plane suspended in the middle of the site – a floating, oblique prairie set delicately onto a complex, undulating landscape. Out of this convergence emerges a complex system of spatial relationships, onto which are imprinted places of commemoration of Montréal women. Through these two strata, a dialogue is initiated between the top and bottom of the city, creating a variety of intimate moments and expressive spaces, evoking the city’s subtle features and the central role of women in Montréal’s history, and celebrating the enthusiasm of citizens discovering its history and culture.

“The new square – a place to both dwell and pass through – offers an infinity of intimate moments and creates an iconic gesture on a Montréal scale. Separate programming will bring the five spaces to life [flowering meadow, forest, urban amphitheatre, multifunctional esplanade, urban thoroughfare], offering activities on different scales to create meaningful moments.”

- Excerpt from the winning presentation

In support of their selection, the jury mentioned: “The proposal stands out in its experiential and perceptual qualities. The flowering meadow serves as a belvedere and offers numerous views of downtown and the administrative district. The plants and flowers will change with the seasons, creating many possibilities. The inclined plane offers a rich and immersive experience for pedestrians.

“From an integration standpoint, this presentation is the only one that truly heals the scar left by the construction of the Ville-Marie Autoroute and its exit ramp.

“A real sense of landscape emanates from the winning project. Its strong and modern identity, the successful integration of the exit ramp, and the rich statements of commemoration that make this site the “Place des Montréalaises” are among the features that worked in its favour.”

La place des Montréalaises - Concept d'aménagement

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