Cultural presentation venue, Guy-Gagnon Building (Quai 5160)

Architecture competition

February 6, 2012
Les Architectes FABG

Les Architectes FABG is the winning firm in the architecture competitions for the  project to set up a new cultural venue, including a professional theatre, which will be built starting  in September, a few metres away from the St. Lawrence River in the Verdun Borough. The project also provides for redevelopment and expansion of Verdun's circus school (École de cirque de Verdun). 

Selected among four finalists, the winning team of architects has been selected by the jury by providing a project distinguished by the quality of atmospheres, the development of the nearby river and the views of the surrounding landscape and functionality of all. The jury, presided by Diane Vallée,directrice de la culture, des sports, des loisirs et du développement social in the Verdun Borough, emphasized the artistic signature of the projects submitted in the competition.

Overall, the goal of the project is to create a cultural and recreational hub next to the St. Lawrence, in Verdun. The former arena will be revamped and slightly enlarged, to better accommodate the existing studios B and A:

  • The idea for Studio B is to create a cultural performance and exhibition space. The new, expanded facilities will be more than a traditional entertainment venue: various cultural organizations in the arts will use the facilities for creating, producing and presenting their work. The studio will include a mediation room, to create synergy between artists and audiences before shows, an exhibition room and spaces for resident artists.
  • Studio A currently houses the École de cirque de Verdun; the space is to be revamped and expanded.

Starting in spring 2017, a theatre with seating for 300 will offer a variety of shows, including circus arts.

The project cost is $13.8 M for the performance and exhibition space in Studio B, including demolition, construction, landscaping, parking, equipment and artwork, and $3.6 M for the work on Studio A.

Download the project's boards