YUL-MTL: Moving Landscapes

International Ideas Competition

dlandstudio with Trollbäck + Company

dlandstudio with Trollbäck + Company
Brooklyn, United States
Susannah Drake, Forbes Lipschitz, Jakob Trollback, Rachelle Madden, Erica Hirshfeld, Peter Alfano


"This proposal stands out by developing a coherent overall strategy that considers both the autoroute corridor and the adjacent territory. The contextualization of the autoroute 20 in the north american highway network effectively demonstrates the usefulness of the infrastructure while stressing the need to deal with the interconnection of adjacent neighborhoods. Remaining at the urban scale rather than detailing the architectural scale, the proposal allows the development of a wide variety of strategies for the coherent articulation of a multiple of territorial issues such as public transport, hydrology, wildlife habitat, urban development and energy production."

(Excerpt from jury report)

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