Request for Information: Durable Street Furniture for Temporary Public Spaces

February 9, 2022

Montréal is launching a request for information from companies operating in the street furniture sector to learn more about products that might meet the City's requirements for implementing temporary public spaces, which have specific quality and durability criteria. This process also allows the City to make its needs known to relevant businesses for such products and its desire to see the emergence of new solutions on the market.

For many years, Montréal has relied on temporary and transitional design strategies to enhance the comfort, usability, and appeal of existing streets and public spaces, such as pedestrian streets and summer plazas. While this is not a new trend, the City has expanded such initiatives since 2020 in the wake of the pandemic in order to enhance quality of life in residential neighbourhoods and the vitality of commercial streets.

To improve the durability and functionality of its operations and make them easier to deploy, the City would like to identify high-quality street furniture items that are currently available or soon to be on the Québec market and that are suitable for the specific context of temporary public spaces.

Sought-after products will complement both temporary custom furniture designed especially for certain projects and the City’s standard street furniture. In this way, boroughs and departments that undertake such projects will be better equipped to target the solutions and approaches that best meet their needs from among a variety of options.

Who can respond?

This request for information is intended for suppliers of street furniture (manufacturers, distributors, etc.). Industrial designers and design firms that have designed relevant types of street furniture which are currently available on the market (e.g., appearing in a manufacturer’s catalogue) are also invited to respond.

How to respond?

Interested companies can view the specifications on the Québec government’s Système électronique d’appel d’offres du gouvernement du Québec (SEAO) and submit a response by March 11.