New edition of the CODE SOUVENIR MONTRÉAL catalogue

November 13, 2018

On October 24, at the RDV Accélérer MTL event hosted by the Ville de Montréal’s Service du développement économique, the 5th edition of the CODE SOUVENIR MONTRÉAL catalogue  for institutional buyers, companies, retailers and individuals was launched.

This initiative by the Bureau du design encompasses more than 200 products by 59 Montréal-based designers who responded to a call for tenders, and selected by a panel of experts.

This catalogue is the reference guide you need: the tool par excellence for any institutional buyer looking for corporate gifts or promotional items! Whether you’re looking to acquire souvenirs for your visitor, or gifts for your guests, clients or staff, the designer can work with you to position your organization’s logo in a strategic location on their product, develop specific packaging, or even create an original piece that will help you stand out.

Making the decision to give a made-in-Montréal gift also contributes to the local economy and to developing the market for our designers, while promoting Montréal’s reputation.

We therefore invite you to source your gifts and souvenirs from these talented, wonderful ambassadors.