Design Montreal Census, 1st edition, 2019-2020

November 25, 2019

In January 2019 the Ville de Montréal’s Bureau du design lauched the first-ever Design Montréal Census aimed at creating sociodemographic and socioeconomic statistical portraits of the city’s design and architectural professionals and of Montréal design and architectural firms as well as any Montreal-based company employing designers. 

This vast operation took place in four stages. 


1. Census

The purpose of this extensive exercise is to list all of the professionals, firms and other organizations that meet the profiles sought*. The self-enumeration form is available in French only.

Census form  (in French)
Estimated time to complete the questionaire : 5-8 minutes
The census-taking period has closed on October 31, 2019.

2. Survey - individuals

This survey is aimed at the individuals who were counted in the census is the second stage of this exercise. It aims to round out the statistical portrait of Montréal’s design and architectural professionals. The survey is available in French only.

Survey - individuals  (in French)
Estimated time to complete the questionaire : 15 minutes 
The survey period has closed on October 31, 2019

As a way of thanking you for your participation, the Bureau du design will choose, from among all interested respondents, six designers and architects to act as ambassadors for Montréal at selected events taking place in 2020 and 2021 within the UNESCO Cities of Design Network. You can express your interest in becoming an ambassador via a question at the end of the survey.

3. Survey - companies (undergoing)

The third stage consists of a survey aimed at companies and organizations established on the Island of Montréal whose staff and/or senior management include persons who work as designers or architects, or were trained in one of these disciplines. 

Survey - compagnies (in French)
Estimated time to complete the questionaire : 45 minutes
The survey period has closed on February 6, 2020

4. Consultations

Focus groups have been consulted to explore issues and challenges noted in previous surveys such as:

  • sustainable developpement and ecological transition;
  • public recognition of professional practice;
  • growth and business developpement.

Group 1 - consulting self employed and employees (designers and architects) :  9 - 12 am, Feb. 6, 2020
Group 2 - consulting share holders, directors, and managers (of design and architecture firms): 1:30 - 4:30 pm, Feb. 6 2020


Participants' profiles

Profile no. 1: Design or architecture professionals who are employed or actively self-employed individuals living in Montréal. They hold a degree in a design or architecture, OR have acquired skills through a variety of training and work experience. They hold a variety of positions and perform functions ranging from design to management and supervision. Other types of employment resulting from academic training in design and architecture representative of the ecosystem considered as part of this study include, but are not restricted to, teaching, sales, or representation (of people, companies, or products).

Profile no. 2: Companies or organizations that offer services or integrate design and architectural functions into their core activities. These are legal entities with more than one employee that employ design and architecture professionals and that spend time and resources on research and development (R&D) or on designing and implementing projects in one or more design and architecture disciplines.*

Design and architecture disciplines primarily comprise architecture and landscape architecture, event design, interior design and planning, environmental design, fashion design, service design, experiential design, exhibition design, graphic design, digital interface design, industrial design, product design, and urban design. Add to these an array of applied areas and specializations.

Surveys : all of the questions are important, and your answers are indispensable

Once collated and analyzed, they will enable the Ville de Montréal and other social, economic and cultural stakeholders to more fully characterize Montréal’s talents and the distinctive nature of its design and architecture services, assess the weight of this economic sector, and more clearly understand the issues, challenges, and obstacles faced by the individuals and organizations making up this Montréal business ecosystem.


The survey’s methodology is combining data from both traditional and new sources. It started in February 2019 with a broad census of active designers and architects with home addresses on the Island of Montréal.

It goes without saying that the statistics generated by this survey will benefit the entire Montréal business design and architecture ecosystem. A detailed analysis of the survey and consultation data will help to identify employment, human resource, and business issues. The Bureau du design’s goal for this survey is to help better characterize the unique nature of Montréal’s design and architectural services; measure the “weight” of this economic sector in Montréal; understand the issues, challenges, and obstacles it faces; and assess needs in order to provide suitable services or programs.

For more information, please visit the Ville de Montréal’s Making Mtl public consultation platform (French only).

 Timetable (revised)

  • Census (February – October 2019)
  • Survey and consultations (August 2019 – February 2020)
  • Report production (February - March 2020)
  • Distribution (Spring 2020)


Association des architectes en pratique privée du Québec (AAPPQ)

Association des architectes paysagistes du Québec (AAPQ)

Association des designers industriels du Québec (ADIQ)

Association du design urbain (ADUQ)

Association professionnelle des designers d'intérieur du Québec (APDIQ)


Ordre des architectes du Québec (OAQ)

Société des designers graphiques du Québec (SDGQ)

UQÀM - Centre de design