HUB Studio

Rebo(u)nd, Design + Co-Production, Montréal, 2018
  • DI Interactive design
  • EV Event design
  • XP Experience design
  • EX Exhibition design
  • MO Motion design
HUB is a design studio specialized in creating multimedia experiences. At the crossroads of arts, design and technology, we bring people together around meaningful and impactful moments. We make stories real using video projection, mapping and video content, lighting, immersive environments and interactivet technologies. With a creative team of designers and professionals, we lead every project through a simple and fluid process from ideas to reality. HUB has completed numerous projects in several fields including live arts, events and advertising, permanent and temporary installations.
Latest awards


  • International competition: Interactive Architectural Mapping, Quartier des Spectacles + MUTEK + MAPP_MTL, Finalist, Project MUR MUR, Montréal
  • Création d'une oeuvre extérieure interactive numérique, Quartier des Spectacles (CA) Quays Culture (UK), Lauréat, Projet SPECTRUM Montréal, Canada + Manchester, UK
  • Creative Challenge: Data visualisation for public spaces, Quartier des Spectacles, Winner, Project INFLUX, Montreal


  • Concours de design Vivre le chantier Sainte-Cath - Mise en valeur du chantier de la rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, Finaliste, Montréal
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