Better Insight, Onsite - Creation of Worksite Information Modules

International Design Competition

March 22, 2017
Board Stage 2 (detail)

PARA-SOL with Paprika + Geniex


Percée visuelle

Percée visuelle is a display that serves as an information window for a future or current worksite. The red framing of this iconic object acts as a point of reference near worksites that will both pique the curiosity of passersby and highlight a place of interest. Its angular faces and colour were inspired by the worksite signage used to delimit work zones. A 3D re-imagining of these graphical motifs produced a truncated prism, upon which the modules’ forms were based. (...)

In striving to develop an installation that was at once simple, able to withstand urban conditions, easy to move, and safe, two modules stood out in their sturdy and assertive structure, evoking a construction- and worksite-related typology. Not only are they recyclable, these modules can easily be redeployed from one worksite to the next, thus enhancing their useful lives. Ultimately, by providing new perspectives on worksites, these modules will be very useful in clearly communicating the issues and challenges involved in many construction projects.”
- Excerpts from the winning presentation

“The jury found the 3D reinterpretation of the graphical identity of the worksite fence overlay into the angular faces of the modules aesthetically pleasing. The concept clearly complements the tools currently in place and integrates harmoniously into worksites with its strong typology evocative of the construction sector. The proposal also integrates well into Montréal’s urban environment. (…) The jury stresses that in this competition, the primary function of the modules is to inform. The modules proposed by PARA-SOL do so very intelligently, in terms both of organizing content and of the module’s shape and graphical features.”
- Excerpts from jury report

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