Sainte-Cath Works – To minimize the impact of the public works on Sainte-Catherine Street West

Design Competition

September 21, 2016
Board Stage 2

"The winning concept is based on a grand, emblematic gesture on a scale equal in importance to that of rue Sainte-Catherine. The intervention is attractive, unusual and bold, with a powerful appeal that compels people to travel to view the installations. The enveloping structure lets users immerse themselves in a surprising walkabout and a richly rewarding experience."

(Excerpt from the jury report)

"The winning team interpreted the metropolis as a living entity in flux and in movement, modelled by the generations. This reflection led to the establishment of a parallel with biological metamorphosis. More specifically, the process stemming from a natural science theme served to guide an organism from its embryonic stage to its final development stage, called IMAGO. The development stages gave rise to a vocabulary, and aesthetic and a technical approach inspired by biomimicry. This vision finds expression in four aspects: the development of the worksite, its communication, the telling of its story, and the experience of the worksite. 

"The formal concept takes the form of a series of biomorphic structures deployed across the site for purposes of housing, protecting, enlivening and articulating the worksite and its users. Through its scale, fluid form and aesthetic purity, IMAGO contrasts with its urban environment, offering a strong and bold visual identity. IMAGO thus corresponds to the distinct character of rue Sainte-Catherine."

(Excerpt from the text on the winning concept)

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