Light Therapy in Quartier des spectacles 2012

Design Competition - Video Projections

September 27, 2012
Storyboard - Place de la Paix

Pascal Grandmaison


The two-phase competition was aimed at selecting two immersive winter experiences for Quartier des Spectacles and promoting Montreal-based creativity.

This phase sought a team for the design and production of video content for projection onto eight Quartier des Spectacles facades.

Le jour des 8 soleils leads visitors along a poetic route through the Quartier, following an invisible character in search of intriguing and fascinating light. Already a signature attraction for Quartier des Spectacles, architectural video projections will for the first time be arranged in a multimedia concept spanning a large number of downtown building façades. In addition, at each projection site spectators will be able to enhance their visual experience by listening to a soundtrack and narration on their mobile phones.

“The project submitted pleased the jury members because of its sublime poetics and atmosphere of intimacy. They also greatly appreciated the minimalism of the images and the project’s aesthetic. 

“The concept’s strong point is the approach to light. The idea of the quest for light and our relationship to it is constructed along the entire path through the installation. The concept also includes rich connections between the eight screening surfaces. The concept whereby people can visit the installation in a linear fashion or jump into the scenario randomly suggests that they will want to come back to the site more than once.”
– Excerpts from the jury’s report

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Lauréat Luminothérapie 2012 - vidéoprojection - Pascal Grandmaison

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